About Us



For over 40 years, Sauer—through our mechanical contracting services—has maintained successful long-term working relationships with NASA, the U.S. Air Force, and Defense Contractor partners, including Boeing and Lockheed Martin. This is indicative of Sauer’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and performing at a consistently high level relative to quality, safety, and timely delivery. Our project experience includes new installations, renovations, and additions to administrative support offices, fixed and mobile launch pads, and the installation of heavy mechanical services including process piping, cryogenic piping, central energy plants, deluge systems, and traditional mechanical systems. Our services and expertise consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. This has been and continues to be our commitment to you.

The strong bond that Sauer has nurtured with NASA, the U.S. Air Force, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin doesn’t only testify to the level of trust and respect our partners have in us, but also highlights our unwavering dedication towards becoming a critical contributor to our nation’s aerospace and defense sectors. We bring our unique industry knowledge and proven techniques to the table, driving the success of every project, whether it’s an initial installation or an intricate renovation. Our deep understanding of administrative environments and advanced infrastructure such as launch pads and central energy plants enable us to approach every project with a tailored strategy and exceptional attention to detail.

In every aspect of our work, Sauer’s commitment to excellence is evident. Our expertise extends far beyond mere contracting—we are skilled problem solvers, always looking for ways to streamline operations, enhance safety, and ensure the utmost quality.

With our well-versed knowledge in complex mechanical systems such as process piping, cryogenic piping, and deluge systems, we are equipped to handle the most demanding projects.

We understand that our clients have high standards and we are committed to not just meeting, but exceeding those expectations. It’s not just about completing the job, but doing so in a way that adds lasting value to our clients’ operations. This enduring promise is what sets Sauer apart in the competitive world of mechanical contracting.

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